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Detais for SKFslewing ring bearing RKS. 062.30.1904:
Model: RKS. 062.30.1904
ID: 1729MM
OD: 2012MM
H: 68MM
W. T.: 300KG, far more information, make sure you speak to us…

one. Introduction of EPT single row four stage contact ball slewing bearing
EPT is a specialist producer in slewing ring bearings since 1993. We can also style and make other stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd and non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd ball bearings, roller bearings and precision bearings as for every customer’s distinct complex needs.
EPT bearing is also known as slewing ring, slewing ring bearing, turntable bearing, and rotary bearing.

2. Composition of EPT slewing bearings
EPT ring bearings have diverse varieties as for every diverse buildings:
One row ball slewing bearings
EPTT row ball slewing bearings
Crossed roller slewing bearings
Triple row roller slewing bearings
Flange slewing bearings

three. Why choose EPT slewing bearings
A pioneer in slewing bearing field, rich encounter, can do design, produce, mounting XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.
Tiny orEPTTaccepted
SO licensed company
Variorum types
seven*24hours hotline to aid you with your cranes
Rigid high quality manage technique to make sure top quality for slewing bearing

four. EPTT Particulars for big diameter slewing bearing with pinion
1). EPTT surface area is lined with the anti-rust oil very first And then wrapped with the plastic film
2). And then packed with Kraft paper and skilled belts
3). At last, with wood box absolutely at the outer EPTT to invoid the rust or the moist
4). We can rely on the consumers desire to be packed

five. We can manufacture substitute EPT ring bearing for SKFmodel:

RKS. 061.20.571, RKS. 061.20.0544, RKS. 061.20.0644, RKS. 061.twenty.0744, RKS. 061.20.0844, RKS. 061.twenty.0944
RKS. 061.twenty.1094, RKS. 061.20.1094, RKS. 061.25.1314, RKS. 061.25.1424, RKS. 061.twenty five.1534, RKS. 061.twenty five.1644
RKS. 061.twenty five.1754, RKS. 061.twenty five.1754, RKS. 062.20.571, RKS. 062.twenty.0544, RKS. 062.twenty.0644, RKS. 062.twenty.0744
RKS. 062.twenty.0844, RKS. 062.20.0944, RKS. 062.20.1094, RKS. 062.25.1204, RKS. 062.twenty five.1314, RKS. 062.twenty five.1424
RKS. 062.25.1534, RKS. 062.twenty five.1644, RKS. 062.twenty five.1754, RKS. 062.thirty.1904, RKS. 060.twenty.571, RKS. 060.20.0544
RKS. 060.20.0644, RKS. 060.twenty.0744, RKS. 060.twenty.0844, RKS. 060.twenty.0944, RKS. 060.twenty.1094, RKS. 060.twenty five.1204
RKS. 060.25.1314, RKS. 060.twenty five.1424, RKS. 060.25.1534, RKS. 060.25.1644, RKS. 060.25.1754, RKS. 060.thirty.1904

RKS. 161.fourteen.571, RKS. 161.14.0544, RKS. 161.fourteen.0644, RKS. 161.fourteen.0744, RKS. 161.fourteen.0844, RKS. 161.14.0944
RKS. 161.fourteen.1094, RKS. 161.sixteen.1204, RKS. 161.16.1314, RKS. 161.sixteen.1424, RKS. 161.sixteen.1534, RKS. 161.sixteen.1644
RKS. 161.16.1754, RKS. 161.twenty.1904, RKS. 162.fourteen.571, RKS. 162.14.0544, RKS. 162.fourteen.0644, RKS. 162.14.0744
RKS. 162.fourteen.0744, RKS. 162.14.0944, RKS. 162.14.1094, RKS. 162.16.1204, RKS. 162.sixteen.1314, RKS. 162.sixteen.1424
RKS. 162.16.1534, RKS. 162.sixteen.1644, RKS. 162.sixteen.1754, RKS. 162.twenty.1904, RKS. one hundred sixty.fourteen.571, RKS. a hundred and sixty.fourteen.0544
RKS. a hundred and sixty.fourteen.0644, RKS. 160.fourteen.0744, RKS. 160.14.0844, RKS. a hundred and sixty.fourteen.0944, RKS. a hundred and sixty.fourteen.1094, RKS. a hundred and sixty.16.1204
RKS. one hundred sixty.sixteen.1314, RKS. 160.16.1424, RKS. one hundred sixty.sixteen.1534, RKS. 160.sixteen.1644, RKS. a hundred and sixty.sixteen.1754, RKS. one hundred sixty.twenty.1904
RKS. 21 571, RKS. 21 0541, RKS. 21 0641, RKS. 21 0741, RKS. 21 0841, RKS. 21 0941, RKS. 21 1091, RKS. 23 571, RKS. 23 0541, RKS. 23 0641, RKS. 23 0741, RKS. 23 0841, RKS. 23 0941, RKS. 23 1091, RKS. 22 571,
RKS. 22 0541, RKS. 22 0741, RKS. 22 0641, RKS. 22 0841, RKS. 22 0941, RKS. 22 1091

one. Product Collection 1. One-row 4-stage Get in touch with EPT EPTT
2. Solitary-row Crossed Roller EPT bearing
3. EPTT-row Four-point Get in touch with EPT bearing
4. 3-row Roller EPT EPTT
5. LigEPTT type slewing bearing
6. Size assortment Exterior Diameter: 300mm–6000mm
7. EPT 42 CrMo, 50Mn
eight. Least orEPTT1 piece
nine. Characteristic Low sound and low vibration
10. Certificates ISO9001: 2008

RKS. 061.20.571 RKS. 061.20.0544 RKS. 061.20.0644 RKS. 061.twenty.0744 RKS. 061.twenty.0844 RKS. 061.twenty.0944
RKS. 061.20.1094 RKS. 061.twenty.1094 RKS. 061.twenty five.1314 RKS. 061.twenty five.1424 RKS. 061.25.1534 RKS. 061.twenty five.1644
RKS. 061.twenty five.1754 RKS. 061.25.1754 RKS. 062.twenty.571 RKS. 062.20.0544 RKS. 062.twenty.0644 RKS. 062.20.0744
RKS. 062.20.0844 RKS. 062.20.0944 RKS. 062.20.1094 RKS. 062.twenty five.1204 RKS. 062.twenty five.1314 RKS. 062.25.1424
RKS. 062.25.1534 RKS. 062.twenty five.1644 RKS. 062.twenty five.1754 RKS. 062.thirty.1904 RKS. 060.twenty.571 RKS. 060.20.0544
RKS. 060.20.0644 RKS. 060.twenty.0744 RKS. 060.twenty.0844 RKS. 060.20.0944 RKS. 060.20.1094 RKS. 060.25.1204
RKS. 060.twenty five.1314 RKS. 060.25.1424 RKS. 060.twenty five.1534 RKS. 060.twenty five.1644 RKS. 060.twenty five.1754 RKS. 060.30.1904
RKS. 161.fourteen.571 RKS. 161.14.0544 RKS. 161.fourteen.0644 RKS. 161.fourteen.0744 RKS. 161.14.0844 RKS. 161.fourteen.0944
RKS. 161.14.1094 RKS. 161.16.1204 RKS. 161.sixteen.1314 RKS. 161.sixteen.1424 RKS. 161.sixteen.1534 RKS. 161.16.1644
RKS. 161.sixteen.1754 RKS. 161.twenty.1904 RKS. 162.fourteen.571 RKS. 162.fourteen.0544 RKS. 162.fourteen.0644 RKS. 162.fourteen.0744
RKS. 162.14.0744 RKS. 162.fourteen.0944 RKS. 162.fourteen.1094 RKS. 162.sixteen.1204 RKS. 162.sixteen.1314 RKS. 162.sixteen.1424
RKS. 162.sixteen.1534 RKS. 162.16.1644 RKS. 162.16.1754 RKS. 162.20.1904 RKS. a hundred and sixty.fourteen.571 RKS. one hundred sixty.fourteen.0544
RKS. 160.fourteen.0644 RKS. 160.fourteen.0744 RKS. 160.fourteen.0844 RKS. one hundred sixty.14.0944 RKS. a hundred and sixty.14.1094 RKS. a hundred and sixty.16.1204
RKS. one hundred sixty.sixteen.1314 RKS. 160.sixteen.1424 RKS. one hundred sixty.16.1534 RKS. a hundred and sixty.16.1644 RKS. 160.sixteen.1754 RKS. one hundred sixty.20.1904
RKS. 21 571 RKS. 21 0541 RKS. 21 0641 RKS. 21 0741 RKS. 21 0841 RKS. 21 0941
RKS. 21 1091 RKS. 23 571 RKS. 23 0541 RKS. 23 0641 RKS. 23 0741 RKS. 23 0841
RKS. 23 0941 RKS. 23 1091 RKS. 22 571 RKS. 22 0541 RKS. 22 0741 RKS. 22 0641
RKS. 22 0841 RKS. 22 0941 RKS. 22 1091

  in Kabul Afghanistan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Large-Diameter SKF Ball Slewing Bearings with an Internal Gear  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Kabul Afghanistan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Large-Diameter SKF Ball Slewing Bearings with an Internal Gear  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler